The Black Canyon in the Zavital Stream

The Black Canyon is the only canyon in the north (Golan Heights) suitable for canyoning, and is also the only real wet canyon in Israel.
It runs through the center part of the Zavitan Stream, and involves rappelling inside waterfalls ending in pools.

Info about the hike:
The hike starts at the Yahudia National Park entrance. From there a short hike will lead us into the Zavitan Stream.
The Black Canyon is the center part of the stream, and the least hiked because of the necessity of using ropes. Because it is less frequented, the vegetation is very thick and it really feels like walking through a jungle.

The stream is full of water and we will have to swim through some pools and rappel in the flowing waterfalls.
There are 2 rappels of 18 and 25 meters. For a hot summers day this is the most fun you can have!!!

Level of difficulty:
Medium. No prior experience needed


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