Canyoning in Israel

There are numerous canyons in Israel accessible only by use of rope and are situated mostly in the Judea Dessert. Descending these canyons opens a door to the unique scenery of this land, and a great experience as well.
The different canyons offer different difficulties of hikes, suitable for families and for the more experienced hiker.
They all include rappels of different lengths, ranging from a few meters up to 120 meters (380 feet), and even more.
All of these canyons are day trips, but can be combined with other hikes and a night out in the desert, the only real Thousand Star Hotel.
In the summer, when it gets too hot to hike in the dessert, we descend the "Black Canyon" of the Zavitan Stream in the Golan Heights, a great way to stay cool in the hot summer sun.

Tamrim (Palms) Canyon

Rachaf Canyon

Tur Canyon

Kumeran Canyon

Chazazon Canyon

- The “Black Canyon” in the Zavitan Straem


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