Rachaf Canyon

The Rachaf Canyon is situated in the south of the Judea Desert, about an hour and a half from Jerusalem/2 hours from Tel Aviv.

It is very close to Masada – just to the south of it.
Winter floods fill the pools of water throughout the canyon with water and most of the year (when they are full) we will need to swim through them.
In summer when it’s too hot to hike in most of the canyons, Rachaf is the best option because it is very shady.

Info about the hike:
The hike starts the Rachaf parking right on highway 90 close to the Dead Sea. There are two parts to the canyon, and it is possible to hike through either of them

Upper Rachaf Canyon:
There are 7 rappels in this part of the canyon, the highest 28 meters (90 feet). When the pools are full of floodwater this part of the canyon is like a natural water park – we constantly swim in and out of the pools and even rappel into some.
This part of the canyon is suitable for experienced hikers although no prior rappelling experience is needed.

Level of difficulty:
Medium (though not strenuous, you must be able to hike for about an hour uphill to the top of the canyon).
No prior experience needed.

Lower Rachaf Canyon
The hike starts and ends at the same place as for the upper canyon, but the hike uphill is much shorter and this part of the canyon is very nice for those not wanting a long hike.
There are 4 rappels, the highest 40 meters (130 feet). Also in this part of the canyon floodwater can fill the pools and if full crossing them will require swimming.

Level of difficulty:
Easy/Medium. No prior experience needed.

It is possible to do the upper part and the lower part together in one very long day (experienced hikers only).


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